There is a Field

 Kennedy Center Press Release    2017 Community Residencies    2016 Land Day Tour    2010 Global Theatrical Action  

There Is A Field is a play about Aseel Asleh, a 17-year old Palestinian citizen of Israel killed by police in October 2000. Based on interviews and primary sources collected over 15 years, the play offers a uniquely personal lens for understanding inequality as the root of state violence and impunity. 

An early version of There Is A Field was launched in 2010 as a Global Theatrical Action. There were 40 readings/performances of the play in 18 different countries.

There Is A Field was developed further and produced in the spring of 2016 as a Land Day Tour, with 24 performances to 20 universities/high schools across ten states.

Currently, There Is A Field is being used as a basis of community residencies in which participants explore the connections between state violence and structural inequalities in Israel and the United States.