For educators: following are suggested discussion questions after students watch "One Family in Gaza."

How did you feel watching this movie?

What happened to Ibrahim, the son?

What was the family’s life like at the time of the filming, which was six months after the invasion?

How are the children affected by what happened?

Describe the relationship between the parents and their children.

What are ways that the family remembers Ibrahim?

The father (Kamal) struggles with what message he wants to give to an Israeli. Why do you think it’s a difficult question for him to answer?

What answer does he finally give? What does the answer say about Kamal?

How might your message be if you had had the Awajah’s experience?

The father wants the kind of help that will raise their "value as human beings." What do you think he means? What kind of help could that be?

The father also asks "How can I build a family void of violence?" What suggestions do you have? How can peaceful people deal with violence around them? Can they remove violence entirely from their surroundings?