2017 Community Residencies

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One of DSP's central activities has been facilitating a series of intensive theatre-based community residencies/performances using There Is A Field as a framework for deep political education and movement building. The programs build Black-Palestinian solidarity, and strengthen local Palestine organizing and cross-movement building. We recently developed a new version of the workshop in partnership with the Eagle Project, an inter-tribal Native American theatre company, intended to strengthen First Nations-Palestinian solidarity.

The residencies consist of the following elements:

  • Rehearsals for a Performance-Reading of There Is A Field, to be performed by members of the community
  • Discussions and workshops educating around Palestine/Israel and the ways in which oppressions experienced there are connected to oppressions experienced in the U.S.
  • Discussions and workshops centered on intersectional movement building, expanding on the burgeoning movement for Black-Palestinian solidarity
  • Performance-Reading of There Is A Field for the broader community, followed by a discussion with the audience lead by the participants

TIAF residencies/readings have taken place with the following partner organizations: Adalah Justice Project, the Dream Defenders, Jewish Voice for Peace, Center for Constitutional Rights, Palestine Youth Movement, Students for Justice in Palestine, Million Hoodies for Justice, GildaPapoose Collective, Highlander Center, Eagle Project, African American Policy Forum, Black Lives Matter, BLCK Family, Community Justice Project, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Cop Watch Alliance, Equality for Flatbush, Justice League NYC, Peñasco Theatre Collective, V-Day, Verso Books, Law 4 Black Lives.

For more information on the There Is A Field residencies and to bring one to your community, please contact Brittany King

“(There Is A Field) will always stick with me. I learned so much throughout this process about myself, about others, about the world, and about creating change…They always tell you theatre can impact and change the world, and this play truly showed me just how much theatre can inspire change.”
-Andrew Burns, Florida State University TIAF student performer

“The TIAF Residency had a profound impact on my art and activism. I gained a sense of direction and purpose as it relates to my work. It…impacted me on a spiritual level and forever changed me, and how I relate to my art and my activism.”
-Stan Richardson, Gainesville FL, TIAF Residency

“(The TIAF residency was) a reminder of how far the threads of solidarity can go in rejuvenating my commitment to this struggle. Sometimes, it can feel like we do the same things but nothing changes. This felt like a real change.”
-Sumaya Awad, NYC, TIAF Residency in partnership with the Eagle Project