Darfur Diaries

In October 2004, Aisha Bain, Adam Shapiro and Jen Marlowe traveled to Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad and snuck across the border into rebel-held areas of North Darfur. They met refugees living in camps in the harshest of conditions, who built their own schools to educate their children although they had no resources whatsoever. They walked through the charred and broken remains of destroyed villages, trying to imagine the vibrant life that once was there. They spoke to leaders of the rebel movement resisting the Sudanese government. They conducted interviews with dozens of men, women and children whose strength and resilience in the face of horror was inspiring. They left Darfur and eastern Chad after almost a month with over 45 hours of footage and incredible stories, images and testimonies.

Their award-winning documentary film Darfur Diaries: Message from Home was completed in November 2005.

The companion book, Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival, was released by Nation Books in October, 2006. Excerpts were included in the 2007 Best American NonRequired Reading, edited by Dave Eggers.

The Darfur Diaries team has also started an education initiative to fund schools in the destroyed villages where they filmed.

You can purchase the book or film HERE.