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September 21-December 10, 2014
I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club

The I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club has been a phenomenal success! Working with over 20 inspiring co-sponsors, there were 45 different book discussions that took place in 20 states. Most exciting were the nine discussions taking place in prisons from Texas to California to Alabama--many of them on death row. See below for some responses to the Community Book Club, and for responses from prisoners, please click here. We encourage book discussions of I Am Troy Davis to happen throughout the year! You can register a discussion here.

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Readers in Atlanta celebrate the launch of "I Am Troy Davis" with the Davis family and author

About the Community Book Club:

On September 21, 2011, the State of Georgia put Troy Davis to death despite a compelling case of innocence. To mark the 3-year anniversary of this travesty of justice, and to deepen and widen the discourse about the human impact of the death penalty and criminal justice system, we invite you to participate in a worldwide Community Book Club between September 21 and October 10, World Day Against the Death Penalty. (The Community Book Club has been informally extended to December 10, Human Rights Day!) Through hundreds of intimate gatherings across the country and the world, Troy's story will reach and impact thousands of new people.

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