Alejandra Pablos

Alejandra Pablos is a nationally recognized immigrant and reproductive justice community organizer who was recently detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement for 43 days. She was granted bond and brought home after communities nationwide organized to bring her home. Alé had already spent two years of her life in a private immigration prison in 2011 after pleading to charges that later targeted her for mandatory detention and deportation. She is being deported for a 2007 DUI and drug paraphernalia.

Growing up in Arizona, one of the toughest sentencing and over-policed states, has informed her activism around immigration and mass incarceration. In both her professional and personal roles, Alejandra has centered her work in "community defense" education and challenging narratives about black and brown criminalized people. Alejandra is a story-teller with We Testify where she shares her abortion story as an act of resistance and liberation. She is also a member of Mijente, a national political home for Latinx organizers, and has worked with many immigrant rights and prison abolition organizers throughout the country.

On December 11, 2018 Alejandra was ordered to be deported by an immigration judge. Through organizing to appeal the decision, she, and her loved ones, created the “KeepAleFree” deportation defense campaign. They travel across the country connecting the struggles of all who are targeted in hopes of building communities that will protect Alejandra and thet millions that are criminalized. Get to know more about Alé at

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